LMGI LTD                Corporate & Private Security Investigations
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Corporate & Private Security

 LMGI, LTD. is a professional security consulting and investigative company, established in 1994 with offices and associates throughout the world.

  We provide a comprehensive range of  protection and security  services to assist our clients in making informed business decisions, reducing exposure to loss, and providing business solutions. 
   Our staff includes attorneys, accountants, certified protection professionals, former security managers for multinational corporations, and former federal, state and local law enforcement professionals.

We assess each client's needs and provide timely, accurate, confidential, and cost-effective service.
We strive to be the best at what we do!

    Our LMGI,LTD. Investigators have over 500 years of combined investigative experience !

                                         LICENSED & BONDED                                         

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